THE EDGE Fri: New Zealand v South Africa 2nd Test

THE EDGE Thurs: West Indies v England 3rd Test

WEST INDIES v ENGLAND: Our cricket tipster The Edge previews the 3rd Test on Thursday between WEST INDIES v ENGLAND with a recommended BETDAQ bet.


We’re down to the final Test match between West Indies and England on Thursday, and after two boring draws we have a series decider! Hopefully we have a little more drama in-running on BETDAQ Betting Exchange in this Test as so far we’ve had two pretty uneventful draws. The pitches have been pretty slow and the batters have definitely been on top. England’s attack looks very weak without Anderson and Broad, especially with Wood injured as he was supposed to lead the attack. Given England were the better side and expected to win, that has given draw backers a big edge.

West Indies haven’t looked good enough to trouble the England batters, and if the England bowling line-up is weak then we just end up heading towards a draw. It was nice to land our draw bet at good odds in the 1st Test and then the England lay in the 2nd Test, but I’m happy to go back to the draw here because I don’t think we need the West Indies win on our side. Once again it looks a shoot-out between the draw and the England win, and the market agrees.

England will say that they have “come close” to winning the first two Tests. In reality they haven’t, West Indies have had a late wobble both times but always had the situation at hand. It has been pretty much classic West Indies in the sense that they probably switched off and relaxed with the game heading towards a draw only to lose a few wickets. England have faced plenty of criticism for their team selection, especially their bowling, so the pressure is on here.


The sides move to the National Cricket Stadium in St George’s for the final Test which is now turned into a series decider! There has been a huge lack of Test cricket here over the years – there’s actually only been three Tests here – probably because it’s not a big money venue for touring supporters which as we have seen is most of the crowd. England actually played the last Test here in 2015 and they will be hoping for a similar result as they won that Test by 9 wickets. Given that was so long ago it’s hard to know what kind of conditions we will get here so we’ll just have to wait and see on the first morning!


As I said above, this looks a straight shootout between the draw and England. The visitors have drifted out a little to 2.24, but I still feel that’s too short. That being said, given the lack of fully understanding what type of conditions we’re going to get here I’m happy to reduce stakes. I still feel the draw is the value in the market at 2.58 given the “toothless” nature of both bowling attacks, but I’m also happy to thread carefully here. England clearly look the better team but they are definitely going to struggle to take 20 wickets. We could see a very similar Test to the 2nd Test here, and I’m happy to back the draw this time rather than lay England. West Indies haven’t come close to winning to be honest, England have made the running but the draw has always looked nailed on in the opening two Tests.

The Edge Says:
Two points win Draw at 2.58 with BETDAQ BETTING EXCHANGE.

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Once again the in-running strategy is going to focus on the draw here. I feel the opening day will be the most interesting as we get a look at conditions. What type of wicket we get will obviously have a big say in the game and if we have anything that looks like the previous two wickets then everyone is going to want to be on the draw. This market could be like the old days when the draw shot to 2.0 after a few overs! What type of wicket do we have to get to see either side take the 20 wickets? This England attack looks very poor, and West Indies just aren’t in the same league as England. I feel the safest time to get on the draw trade will be when England are batting, but if they bat first then the biggest market move will be when West Indies reply and England huff and puff again without taking wickets. There’s no batter in either line-up I’d be keen to be against given the bowling that’s been on show, and this one is all about catching some draw trades when you can.

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